Introduction of Leilei Life

Leilei Life’s Character

Protagonist Ray Ray (蕾蕾)

Leilei wears her favorite hat. September 14, 2018, at Seiyosakan in Tenma, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

The main character of Leilei Life is Leilei . She came to Japan on August 12, 1991 and lived in Nagoya with his family. After graduating from Nagoya Mode Gakuen, worked for an apparel company and a Japanese language school. I’m living in Osaka now.

Site administrator Shinshin (真真)

Husband Shinshin of the main character Leilei. August 18, 2017, at MaMaMiYa International Restaurant in Zhuhe Ancient Town, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China.

The site administrator is ShinShin (It’s me). I married Leilei in 2012 and has lived in Osaka for about 25 years before and after our marriage. I am teaches history and economics.

Website’s Opening

I returned to my hometown of Kunming at the end of January 2020, but I couldn’t return to Osaka due to the corona. I was planning to take a few months of medical treatment, but I finally returned to November 5th. During this time, I took the Chinese test HSK. Leilei also began to take an interest in studying Chinese and Japanese.

Leilei Life was opened by a Dutch man whom Ray Ray suddenly met. I have been living in China for a long time and now I live in Japan and make a language site with Chinese people. With this as a hint, I decided to spell out everyday conversations in Chinese and Japanese together with the help of Leilei. Leilei Life is open on November 12th, our wedding anniversary.

At Leilei Life, I would like to enjoy communicating Chinese practice, Japanese practice, and differences in Japanese-Chinese language based on daily conversations between husband and wife and my own thoughts. And, as an example of cross-cultural exchange and multidimensional society, I would like to provide an opportunity for those who are engaged in language study and study abroad and those who are thinking about international marriage to have a good time.

Website’s Goal

Leilei Life is a web site that Lei Lei born in Kunming, Yunnan, China is to introduce the conversation of Chinese from everyday life. We will help you practice and study Chinese, focusing on conversations with your husband Shinshin, who is studying Chinese.

Enjoy cross-cultural exchange

This website is created by my husband using the blogging tool WordPress. Shinshin is accustomed to WordPress, and Leilei has also bitten a little. How much fun it would be if cross-cultural exchange spreads through WordPress. Corona Virus cannot enter the internet.

From now on, we will write diaries and articles with a friendly blog tool. And I want to enjoy and live in a multidimensional society. I look forward to working with you ♪

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  • 主人公レイレイ(蕾蕾)
  • サイト管理者しんしん(真真)